Our industry focus, expertise and executive alignment services enable us to deliver added value to our clients throughout the recruiting process. We begin each project by gaining an understanding of a client‘s business needs and company dynamics in order to ascertain the precise role to be filled and then, to find the best-suited professionals. A thorough search is undertaken using our international executive search network. Candidates are carefully assessed and pre-screened before being presented to the client. Once a small group of the most qualified, motivated and appropriate professionals is identified, they are presented to the client. CIVI International works closely with each client throughout the interviewing and hiring process thus guaranteeing quality and delivering results. Our close collaboration insures that clients get the very best professional available and that candidates achieve their professional goals in this highly complex and ever-changing market.


Executive Support

Our in-depth knowledge of Finance, Energy, Retail and ICT products, markets, competition and business practices, as well as our extensive management experience, allow us to offer highly focused management consulting. We work closely with top management to assist in the acculturation process of using high technology systems to model and analyze their data. We focus on critical issues, resolve conflict, facilitate change, provide management with critical information analyses and help the client make things happen.

Executive Profiling

We construct executive profiles, conduct a Management Team Assessment and advise on “best practices” to meet specific needs. We conduct highly detailed skill inventories consisting of IT Skill Profiles and Appraisals, Salary Benchmarking, a Self Appraisal Questionnaire and Position / Compensation Definition.

Relationships determine Results



  • Country Manager Large Cooperative Bank
  • CISO Chief Information Security Officer Commercial Bank
  • Chief Lending Officer Medium Commercial Bank
  • Head Data Scientist Hub Commercial Bank
  • Chief Operation Officer Factoring Specialty Bank
  • Director Debt Purchasing NPL Services
  • Chief Risk Officer Medium Commercial Bank
  • Chief Risk Officer Large Cooperative Bank
  • Chief Operation Officer NPL Bank
  • Chief Risk Officer NPL Bank
  • Head of Marketing Corporate SME
  • Chief Audit Officer P2P Speciality Bank
  • Head Private Banking Network Large Commercial Bank
  • Private Bankers
  • COO NPL Service Company
  • Head of Master Service NPL Service Company


  • Chief Commercial Sales Energy Efficiency
  • Chief Financial Officer ESCO
  • Global Account Managers
  • COO Energy Efficency Services Multi-Utility Company


  • Chief Information Officer
  • Client Director
  • Marketing Director


  • Partner Global Banking Solutions
  • Global Account Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Head Data Scientist Hub


Executive Profiling

  • European PC Company’s Management Assessment
  • USA ICT Company’s Management Assessment
  • National Italian Bank ICT Management Assessment

Skills Inventory

  • Italian Bank’s ICT Division (600 people)
  • Italian Bank’s ICT Division (200 people)
  • European Retail Company ICT Division (70 people)
  • Italian Private Bank Private Bankers (40 people)
  • National Italian Retail Bank Private Banking Division (200 people)